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Thoth is a non-profit, open metadata management and dissemination platform. Our software is open source, tailor-made for Open Access book metadata, and the multiple output formats and specifications for more than a dozen platforms are all CC0-licensed.

  • Metadata management for books and chapters.
  • Automated distribution to various platforms.
  • Archiving and preservation of scholarly works.
  • DOI registration and management.
  • Open APIs for seamless integration with other platforms.


Open Metadata Records

Browse the catalogue and download metadata records.


Metadata Management

Streamline metadata creation, editing, and organisation.

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Automate the distribution of metadata and content to various platforms.

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Ensure long-term preservation of your scholarly works.

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DOI Registration

Automatic DOI registration for books and chapters.

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Seamlessly integrate with other platforms and workflows.

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We collaborate with like-minded open infrastructure providers to support small and scholar-led publishers.

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Publishers using Thoth

More than 20 international publishers already use Thoth's platform and services to manage their metadata and disseminate OA books to a variety of platforms.

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