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Thoth emerged from the collaborative efforts of the Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM). Together with nearly two dozen partners from the academic and open publishing world we are currently part of the three-year Open Book Futures funded by the Research England Development Fund and the Arcadia Fund and led by Lancaster University.

Through our Open APIs, Thoth is increasingly integrated in third-party platforms such as the Open Book Collective catalog, ScienceOpen’s BookMetaHub, and the Internet Archive through the Thoth Archiving Network. These collaborations enable seamless access to Thoth's metadata management and distribution capabilities across diverse scholarly platforms.

Moreover, Thoth actively engages with like-minded open infrastructure providers to foster partnerships that enhance support for small and scholar-led publishers. Through collaborations, such as Thoth's Crossref Sponsorship and Thoth's OAPEN partnership, we seek to provide valuable resources and services to publishers leveraging our platform. These partnerships not only enrich the Thoth ecosystem but also contribute to the broader advancement of open access publishing initiatives.

DOAB Trusted Platform Network partner

Thoth is proud to be a member of the Directory of Open Access Books' (DOAB) Trusted Platform Network. In that role, Thoth acts as a trusted partner for small and scholar-led publishers to get their books listed in the DOAB.

OPERAS member

Under the remit of the Open Book Futures grant, Thoth is already collaborating with a number of key OPERAS stakeholders such as Jisc, OpenEdition, OAPEN/DOAB, the Open Access Books Network, and Open Book Publishers. Through Thoth's OPERAS membership, we are now very much looking forward to working with the larger OPERAS network to help small and medium-sized publishers across Europe with making their book metadata available in an open and transparent way, while also increasing bibliodiversity by making multilingual content and corresponding metadata available through Thoth.

Open Book Collective member

Thoth is grateful for the Open Book Collective to have formally accepted our membership application to join the OBC, and Thoth has now been a Service Provider member since May 2023. In addition to this membership, Thoth acts as the backbone of the OBC’s shared catalogue, which is using participating publishers' metadata via Thoth’s open APIs.

OASPA member

As of May 2024, Thoth is proud to be an official member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA).

Barcelona Declaration

Thoth Open Metadata is a signatory of the Barcelona Declaration on Open Research Information.

Declaration on Knowledge Equity

Thoth Open Metadata is a signatory of the Declaration of Knowledge Equity, initiated by the Knowledge Equity Network.