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Thoth Plus offers automated distribution solutions tailored to the needs of Open Access publishers, ensuring your publications reach a wider audience with ease.

Automatic Distribution

Automated distribution with Thoth Plus streamlines the dissemination of your publications, allowing you to focus on producing quality content while we handle the logistics of reaching a wider audience. Visit our pricing page for detailed information on Thoth Plus subscription packages, included services, and the full list of platforms we can distribute your content and metadata to.

OAPEN Partnership

As part of Thoth Plus, publishers can benefit from our collaboration agreement with OAPEN and DOAB. With this agreement, Thoth acts on behalf of the publishers subsumed under the umbrella of the Thoth OAPEN Publishing Collective and provides a streamlined way of submitting books to the OAPEN and DOAB catalogues on behalf of those participating publishers.

Individual publishers participating in the Thoth OAPEN Publishing Collective will benefit from the streamlined upload process provided via Thoth Plus, and their individual per-book fees will be waived as part of that agreement.

Thoth now also plays an integral part in the DOAB Trusted Platform Network. Publishers using Thoth Plus for their dissemination can ask us to verify which of their open access books meet the DOAB criteria, and those books that have been verified can then automatically be listed in DOAB, facilitated by Thoth.