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DOI Registration

Thoth enables users to generate Crossref DOI metadata deposit files directly from the catalogue, providing publishers with Crossref-compliant XML output for their metadata, which they can then use to register DOIs themselves. This self-service approach allows publishers to efficiently manage their DOI registrations without the need for external assistance.

Automatic DOI Registration

As part of Thoth Plus's features, automated DOI registration ensures that all changes to metadata in Thoth are automatically deposited in Crossref, alleviating the administrative burden associated with registering DOIs. Thoth's commitment to facilitating connections with distributors and promoting infrastructural independence ensures that publishers can efficiently manage their DOI registrations, for both books and chapters.

Crossref Sponsorship

Thoth's Crossref Sponsorship, integrated within Thoth Plus, provides significant benefits to individual publishers seeking Crossref membership. Publishers can sign up for Crossref membership directly via Thoth, with waived annual membership fees and per-DOI costs covered by Thoth. For more information on Crossref sponsorship, see Crossref's Working with a Sponsor page.

Like with the direct Crossref membership, sponsored members can also sign up to Crossref's additional services such as Crossmark and Similarity Check through Thoth.

The agreement with Crossref also highlights the underlying ethos of what we are trying to achieve with Thoth: we are putting in the legwork of making organisational and technical connections with distributors so that publishers don’t have to. This also includes ensuring that publishers do not have to sign up to services that will subsequently lock them into perpetual dependencies – including Thoth! In the context of Thoth’s Crossref Sponsorship, publishers are able to register for (or to keep) their individual publisher-specific DOI prefix (the initial 5-digit part of a DOI). In so doing, we explicitly refrain from locking publishers into a platform-specific DOI prefix, and thus support publishers keeping their infrastructural independence.