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Metadata Management

Thoth revolutionises metadata management for Open Access publishers by offering a comprehensive platform tailored to their specific needs. Whether you are a small independent publisher or a university press, Thoth provides a centralised solution for efficiently organising, updating, and disseminating metadata for your publications. Say goodbye to the complexities and inefficiencies of fragmented metadata systems – with Thoth, you can streamline your workflow and ensure accuracy and consistency across all your metadata records.

Industry Standards

Thoth empowers publishers and users to generate metadata records according to various industry specifications, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across different systems and platforms. Using open industry standards, including ONIX 2.1, ONIX 3.0, MARC, KBART, JSON, CSV, BibTeX, and Crossref XML DOI deposit records, Thoth provides the flexibility needed to meet diverse publishing requirements. All metadata records generated through Thoth are licensed under CC0, allowing for maximum reuse and interoperability. Thoth's metadata generation capabilities enable you to create structured records that adhere to industry best practices, enhancing discoverability and accessibility for your books and chapters. With Thoth, you have the tools to efficiently manage and share your metadata in formats that suit your publishing needs.

Bespoke Services

While access to Thoth is free and will always be, we understand that each publisher may have unique requirements when it comes to metadata management. That is why Thoth offers bespoke services designed to cater to your individual needs. Our bespoke services encompass a range of offerings, including metadata creation, data check and ingest, and custom workflows. Whether you need assistance with initial metadata setup, ensuring data integrity, or creating custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks, our team is here to provide tailored solutions to optimise your metadata workflows.

  • Metadata creation: Creating book and chapter-level metadata from PDFs provided by the publisher. This can also include improving the quality of existing metadata sets.
  • Data check & ingest: This includes bespoke services to publishers with larger backlists to ingest in Thoth, including data check-ups and recommendations regarding potential improvement of data quality.

Explore our pricing page to learn more about our bespoke services and how they can benefit your publishing workflow.