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Thoth's open approach to metadata licensing and APIs enables seamless integration with a wide range of platforms and custom workflows, empowering publishers to enhance their operations and reach a broader audience.

All metadata records in Thoth are licensed under CC0, providing users with maximum flexibility and freedom to use, reuse, and redistribute the metadata without restrictions. This open licensing model follows established open and FAIR data best practices, and thus encourages collaboration and interoperability, enabling publishers to integrate Thoth's metadata seamlessly into their existing workflows and platforms.

More details around why we at Thoth believe metadata should be released under a CC0 dedication can be found e.g. in a blog post "Open Metadata in Thoth", written by our director Vincent van Gerven Oei.

Custom Integrations

Thoth's open APIs allow publishers to build custom integrations and workflows tailored to their specific needs. By consuming Thoth's API, publishers can access and manipulate metadata records, enabling the development of custom catalogues, discovery tools, and distribution pipelines. The Open Book Collective catalog and Thoth's catalogue itself are built using these APIs, demonstrating the power and versatility of Thoth's integration capabilities.

OMP Integration

Thoth is working with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) to develop a plugin for Open Monograph Press (OMP), an open-source software platform to manage and publish scholarly monographs.

The plugin will seamlessly integrate Thoth within OMP instances, allowing users to leverage Thoth's metadata management and distribution features directly within their OMP interface.

With this integration, OMP users can streamline their publishing workflows and enhance the discoverability of their scholarly works, furthering Thoth's mission to support open access publishing initiatives.

Are you an OMP user?

Let us know if you would like to test the plugin